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One hour a day is all you need to activate your brain and to discover the path to lasting solutions in your subconscious. Using the PMA Healthy & Wealthy Life Program you can explore the potential of Progressive Mental Alignment in your own time and at your own pace. More than that, after six weeks you will also know how to successfully apply the method to help yourself and others.

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The PMA Healthy & Wealthy Life Program consists of:

PMA Success Series

An in-depth, two-hour interview with founder and developer of the Progressive Mental Alignment method, Joop Korthuis. In this video he explains PMA’s neurophysiological basis and gives a clear explanation of how our brains work. Korthuis also sets out in detail how to apply PMA in practice and gives a persuasive demonstration of how to use the linguistic rules of your subconscious to your own benefit. Once you have permanently removed sabotaging thoughts, nothing can stop you from living a happy and healthy life.

Harmony Scan

PMA defines 33 main life domains such as health, success and relationships. You can grade yourself in each of these domains and if you do this honestly, you will immediately be able to see where your growth potential lies. By grading each component of your life on a scale from 1 to 10 you create a clear overview of your current circumstances. Properly performed, the Harmony Scan gives you insight into your true status and shows you exactly how PMA can best help you. In addition, the scan provides you with a clear benchmark. After six weeks you can indicate precisely how much progress you have made using the PMA Healthy & Wealthy Life Program.

The PMA Easy Plan – a smart plan for quick results

In this program, Joop Korthuis familiarizes you with the world of PMA and explains in detail how to successfully apply his question-based technique. In this seven-part series and the PMA Personal Success Book you will hear and read all about:

  • The level of your current consciousness
  • Consciousness, the subconscious, and Code Red
  • The influence of bad clusters
  • How to apply the PMA technique
  • The dangerous power of beliefs
  • The PMA transformation process
  • Your ‘friend mechanism’ and increased consciousness

Handbook for Effortless Success

Growth is intangible unless you can measure it. This step plan guides you through the entire program and helps you attain your objectives as quickly and comfortably as possible. By keeping track of all your endeavors and progress in a personal logbook, you can always access a clear overview of the path you have already taken, whenever you want.


The complete six-week program costs $480 per person.

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