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How does Progressive Mental Alignment work in practice and how can I successfully use the method in my conversations? On the ‘Experience PMA’ program you will spend two days exploring answers to these questions and, as the title suggests, you will experience the positive effects of PMA in practice.


What will you learn during the program?

Progressive Mental Alignment is an advanced, question-based technique accessing our subconscious. PMA links up several different scientific disciplines including neurobiology, physiology and psychology, and in contrast to other methods it offers lasting solutions to unexplained physical and psychological complaints. The Experience PMA program will help you discover why. After completing the program, you will have learned how to approach people in a new and better way. Knowing which questions to ask and choosing the right words gives conversations more significance and meaning. You will experience how your reactions are evoked and how to deal with them successfully. You will learn to recognize particular behaviors, your own as well as other people’s, and how to respond to them. Just like previous participants in the Experience PMA program, you will notice that PMA makes you calmer and more understanding. You will feel more comfortable personally and professionally. Because PMA enables you to bracket off certain situations, you can function better overall.

PMA in practice

Progressive Mental Alignment delivers immediate results. Once you’ve learned the technique, you can apply it in your own private and professional life. Based on a well-supported understanding of the subconscious, PMA offers a solution for every type of challenge.

  • PMA activates the brain’s self-healing power and improves quality of life.
  • PMA reveals the hidden causes of psychological and physical complaints and eliminates these problems permanently..
  • PMA prevents disease and stimulates natural, internal healing.
  • PMA lays the foundation for personal growth, delivering manifest, lasting results.


Experience PMA is designed for people who want to approach personal or professional conversations differently. There are no entry requirements, anyone who wants to know how PMA conversations work is welcome. In five plenary meetings and two individual coaching sessions, you will experience a ‘light version’ of PMA and learn to apply the technique yourself. All training programs are led by experienced PMA coaches and are always preceded by an individual intake assessment.

Experience PMA program details

  • Two days of lectures and meetings, interspersed with practical sessions in which you have ample opportunity to practice having meaningful conversations.
  • Two individual coaching sessions, two two-hour meetings in which to experience first-hand how PMA works..
  • A PMA Personal Education Program plan to take home, including seven PEP CDs full of information and exercises.


Participation certificate – this certificate states that participants who have completed the program are familiar with the basic principles required to conduct a PMA conversation.


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The price for two whole days of intensive work on your brain and experiencing first-hand how to improve your personal and professional life, is $1,395 per person.