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Take charge of your brain in twelve days

Do you want to develop personally and improve your professional qualities as a PMA coach? In the Basic Training Seminar, you will engage with the power of the mind and learn how to use the brain’s linguistic rules to your own benefit. In three separate four-day sessions you will embark on a journey of discovery through the subconscious and experience a power that will change your thinking and behavior forever. With each session you’ll gain more knowledge, and after each four days you’ll be awarded with an official PMA Certificate. Starting with a basic and then an advanced PMA Practitioners degree, after twelve days you have earned your PMA coaching accreditation.


PMA Practitioner Basic

In the first four days you will get a crash course in how the brain works and immerse yourself in the concept of bad clusters. These interferers, hidden deep within the brain, are incredible sources of positive energy. Once you learn how to control them, nothing will be able to stop you from becoming a better professional. Working towards your basic PMA Practitioner certification, you’ll receive intervision and supervision and train your coaching skills on one client using the PMA Growth Scan.

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PMA Practioner Advanced

Now that you have officially entered the world of PMA, you are ready to make the next step up and immerse yourself further in the theory and its applications. In the second four-day training program you will again receive personal intervision and supervision, only now it’s two sessions of each. What’s more, you’ll get to work with the PMA Growth Scan to coach five individual clients. With a total of eight training days under your belt, we are proud to certify you as an advanced PMA Practitioner.

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Certified PMA Coach

With the PMA Practitioner Program fully completed, you are only four days away of becoming an officially certified PMA Coach. The final sessions of the Basic Training Seminar are all about further developing and fine-tuning your knowledge and skills, and the course will be concluded with a practical assessment. Pass this last test and you have earned your place in the PMA ranks.

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What will you learn in the Basic Training Seminar?

In the twelve-day seminar you will learn in more depth about the background of the PMA method and learn to successfully apply the question-based technique yourself. After completing the seminar, you will be well versed in all the major concepts underlying the method and understand the theory of The Unified Brain Model. You will know what bad clusters are, be able to identify interferers that negatively influence your health and behavior, and have the power to permanently resolve mental malfunctions, using PMA.

Why a Basic Training Seminar?

PMA links together numerous brain-related sciences and disciplines, making it the most extensive knowledge system about the brain. When you participate in the three consecutive four-day sessions, you will experience how the method has an immediate positive effect on your thinking and behavior. Progressive Mental Alignment benefits your physical and mental wellbeing and the Basic Training Seminar enables you to make all your objectives attainable.

Differences with NLP and EMDR

PMA focuses on the subconscious but beyond that there is no comparison with existing methods like NLP and EMDR. Whereas the latter two only offer conditional, temporary solutions, PMA tackles problems at their source by identifying and permanently eliminating bad clusters. Progressive Mental Alignment is based on a well-supported understanding of the subconscious and uses the brain’s own linguistic rules to bring about lasting change.

What does the program consist of?

For twelve days you will attend lectures and – more importantly – get to work yourself. The Basic Training Seminar is 100% practice-oriented: By completing assignments you will learn to successfully apply the PMA question-based technique. The seminar is divided into three consecutive four-day blocks. Referencing established neuroscientific insights and current knowledge, Joop Korthuis, founder of the Progressive Mental Alignment method, will discuss the PMA methodology in an accessible and inspiring way.

Want to continue growing?

The Basic Training Seminar focuses primarily on practicing the Progressive Mental Alignment technique. You train in small and large groups, for as long as it takes to master the technique completely. PMA is just like riding a bike: You never forget how to do it but you can always get better at it. After the twelve-day seminar you will have a firm grounding on which to continue developing and to raise your PMA qualities to an even higher level. As a PMA Practitioner the world is your oyster, you have the entire range of resources and possibilities at your disposal.

Who is it for?

There are no prerequisites for participation, the Basic Training Seminar is accessible for anyone who is open to new insights, for anyone who wants to develop professionally and/or personally.

Certificate, then what?

After completing all three sessions of the Basic Training Seminar you will receive the PMA Coaching Certificate. And if you feel that ambition, you have the possibility to obtain further PMA qualifications. You can grow to become a senior coach of even master coach through intervision, supervision, continued training sessions and practical assessments. In addition, as a participant in the seminar you will get access to a specially developed tool, a Personal Development Scanthat enables you to closely track your growth and progress

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Registering with PMA4Coaches offers numerous benefits. You can exchange knowledge in the group and directly pose questions to founder Joop Korthuis and master coach Ingrid Schabbing. As a member of PMA4Coaches you will get access to additional learning material like videos and eBooks, and you will regularly receive invites to special meetings about current topics.

Price and practical information

The 12-day Basis Training Seminar consists of three conveniently scheduled sessions. The price for each four-day session is $2,840 , adding up to a total of $7,990 for the entire course. If you want to be eligible for a discounted fee, then you can purchase a more than one seminar in a single payment. The price includes lunch, coffee, tea, water, and fruit juice are all-day available free of charge.


Part 1: Thursday 28 February through Sunday 3 March 2019
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Part 2: Thursday 25 April through Sunday 28 April 2019
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Part 3: To Be Determined
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