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The PMA method provides a level of coaching unlike any other I have ever seen. Freeing individuals from self-imposed limitations, tapping into their hidden potentials, PMA is a definite value add for any type of organization.

Carole R. Gill, CEO, CRG Training & Consulting, Inc., Florida, USA


When I first heard about the Progressive Mental Alignment® (PMA) method I got “New Age like” associations with screaming dolphins, rushing waterfalls, endless green woods and mumbling semi-classical music. But when I started to read the book Free Yourself after some hesitation, I got more and more enthusiastic and decided to attend the ten-day seminar in Hagen, Germany.
During this seminar I ordered and rearranged my “classical” study in Psychology again and discovered new and fascinating things. Things about your own brain, how you can use your own brain as an instrument, how subconscious jammingstation can make you sick etc. This method has been proven to help, in contradiction to classical therapies and that is a marvelous discovery! From the moment I attended the seminar I started practicing the PMA method and gained a lot in self-confidence and experienced an unbelievable surge in energy and joy of life. PMA came to me when I was a little exhausted and I felt rather aimless. Now I’ve got clear goals again that I can devote all my new energy to. In my opinion PMA is a must for everybody who wants to strengthen and increase his or her life’s space!
As a Trainer/Consultant in the business world I’ve become considerably “stronger” and I enjoy life intensely, more than I have ever done. If Jacob Korthuis would ever receive the Nobel Prize, I would definitely not be surprised!!

Drs. (PhD) Jaap Tybout, Psychologist, Trainer/Consultant, Utrecht, The Netherlands


I was a COO of a large computer company in Holland and, therefore, I can test and evaluate the practical use of PMA. I’m very excited about PMA, not only as a personal tool, but also as a tool to increase personal and business efficiency. I’m also an NLP and RET user, and I see that the NLP/RET tools are much more effective when you use PMA to solve the basic non-functional beliefs of people and companies first. So, I have only one strong advice: Go for it, it’s the best training I have ever had.

Drs. (PhD) Harry Wijnhoven, Management Consultant/Personal coach, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


PMA delivers tangible results that improve and team effectiveness immediately without having to wait for the normal training curve. It clearly goes to the root cause of dissonance and progressively improves corporate health. The PMA methodology enables the release of substantial returns from corporate initiatives in people development and productivity improvement.

Mohan M. Shukla, Vice President, I.T., Illinois, USA


This experience accomplished in 1 hour what 10 year of therapy could not. As a trainer and consultant the uniqueness of PMA’s process will surely have the ability to make great people greater and great companies extraordinary.

Patricia Tedesco, President, The Executive Training & Development Group, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA


Personal growth is on of my driving forces. I am a certified NLP Master Coach and it’s my job to make people experience their own power, especially related to their work – often with a lot of success, but just as often it didn’t work out. I knew that the more I could reach my own “kernel”, the better I could take my clients to their “kernel” as well.

But basically this remained a theoretical

story for me until a colleague told me about PMA. PMA was supposed to go deeper and work faster than NLP. “Yeah right,” I thought as a down to earth Dutchman, “Seeing is believing”. But his stories had made me curious so I did take a few PMA sessions.

Now I can say with all my heart that PMA is bringing a great deal to my life. My PMA sessions clearly show me when and where I started to tell myself that I wasn’t good enough as I was. Now I have regained my self-approval, which makes me a lot more free and at ease when I communicate with other people.

The effects are tremendous. I have become a much more enjoyable person to myself and to others. I achieve much more in less time; it takes less energy and gives me much more pleasure. Before PMA I could only relax and enjoy when I had reached my goals. Now I’m also enjoying the ride. Presently, I act as an entrepreneur, communications trainer, recruiter, career coach, mobility advisor, yoga teacher, tennis teacher, and PMA trainer. I am more successful than ever before and I just go with the flow!

Stephan Sonnemans, People person and independent entrepreneur, Someren, The Netherlands

Wow! What a powerful process that frees you from your self-limiting beliefs and creates an opportunities to achieve your dreams. It’s a great tool for trainers and consultants to move themselves and their clients to achieve their full potential.

Kathleen A. Razi, PhD, President Razi & Associates, Inc, Ohio, USA

It’s people that make the difference. It’s my passion to support people in developing their own Life Style. Years ago I started to work consciously on my own personal growth and on creating my own life style. I attended several educational programs and workshops on that topic and became a certified NLP Master Coach. The first thing that PMA training gave me was the theoretical confirmation of the knowledge that I had acquired over the years as a coach and a deepening of my insight into the experiences I had in my own development. I am convinced that with PMA you’re able to resolve unconscious blockers that you will not easily encounter with other methods.
I am enthusiastic about PMA and it has increased my insight. I will surely keep working on my personal development through PMA. PMA offers both understanding and a solution to free yourself and thus create a life that works for you.

Peter Weertman, Trainer & Coach – Naarden The Netherlands


PMA is a process that leads directly to improving my personal performance. It reaches past other techniques and draws on solid research in how our brain works. I know I can walk out of PMA training this week and put it to work immediately. I’m excited to begin working with a process that will provide a unique and valued service to my clients. I feel that my week learning about PMA has been my first step into an exciting future.

Peter A. Sprague, President, Corporate Training Partners, Inc., Florida, USA

Individual and personal


Eleven years of pain in my neck and my head;
Eleven years of weekly physical therapy;
Eleven years I have thought: “There must be ‘more’ to it than just that enormous crash.”
Now I’m looking back at a very special experience that I carry with me every day. In my first ever PMA session I cleared away the so-called ‘bad cluster’ that was linked to this accident. Now that I apply PMA to myself weekly, I feel free and I can engage in ‘real contact’ with other people. What PMA establishes is that everything that you want to learn is within your reach. You only have to look around respectfully and attentively to know which road you are guided along and what your next step should be. PMA teaches us to really see again, to hear, to smell, to taste and above all, to feel again. Through PMA your earliest images are coming back to you, your life becomes rich and multi-facetted, you clean up your presuppositions and obsolete norms and values. It works just as well for children. By applying PMA they are less intimidated by fear and they keep marveling about life.

Hanneke Konsten, Emst, The Netherlands

During a seminar I experienced a PMA session personally. That was a tremendous release, not only mentally and emotionally, but also physically. It felt like an enormous burden had fallen from my shoulders. Before, I needed to apply an inhaler every night to be able to breathe properly; I haven’t used any since that one session.

Alexandra Vlijm, Voorburg, The Netherlands


I knew exactly how to achieve my goals, what I wanted, what I had to do and so on, and that was exactly what I did. In short, I knew it all, but I approached matters mainly from my head (ratio) and my old familiar motivations. I had reached a point in my life where I could no longer feel. I tried to deny this notion and that too started working against me. I realized the seriousness of my state and wanted to rid myself of this maze.
I started looking for the key that would bring me into contact with my inner feelings and freedom again. Fortunately, a good friend of mine was doing PMA and he talked to me about it enthusiastically. I requested further information, I read it and then I knew “this is what’s going to take me back to my feelings!” So I enrolled immediately.
What was very powerful to me was the experience that I could actually feel the information that was taught in my own cells. It was also quite painful and relieving to feel what I had done to myself lately by suppressing my feelings. And it was so clarifying to learn to understand how my brain works, which made it easier for me to guide it into the desired direction.
Immediately after the PMA seminar I felt a huge difference. I also took a few PMA Coaching sessions and I kept growing and I became more and more free. I regained the contact with my authentic inner power. I’m still growing daily, I feel glad, free and enthusiastic. I feel at home in my body and enjoy my life! And everything that I wanted to do from my head I am doing from the heart now, with real passion!

Dalilah Ogenio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


It was a year ago that I came into contact with PMA. It changed my life. In a positive way, fortunately. Even my husband, who was rather skeptical at first, told me recently that I’ve become a much nicer person.
I’ve noticed that I am more effective in my job and that there is more joy in my life. On top of that, I’ve managed to get rid of my fear of heights. I, who used to start shaking when I had to climb on a chair, found myself climbing a rope bridge suspended above a lake when I visited a playground with my kids. I was flabbergasted; I had never done this before. It was great fun!

Jacqueline Keuning, Haarlem, The Netherlands


PMA has helped me rediscover large areas of my early childhood. I’ve learned to apply PMA immediately when I feel a sudden change of mood or feel annoyed as a reaction to anger or reproach, or when I suddenly felt a heavy feeling when I went into my house from the outside. With PMA I discovered the causes and removed their limiting effects, and at the same time a great many memories from my childhood became available after I had removed the mental blockers. I regained many beautiful memories of my mother and my older brother who died when he was still young. I have even written a book about him now, while at first almost all of my memories of him were blocked and inaccessible. Thanks to PMA I have these memories back now and have been able to restore the remembrance of my big brother, who has been so important to me.

Nance Vodegel, Utrecht, The Netherlands