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Author:Jacob Korthuis
Version:With Illustration
Size:15 x 152 x 226 mm
Weight:377 gram
ISBN EAN 13:978-0-9786598-4-4

E-boek $15.50 – Paperback $24.50



In approach and results, PMA goes a significant step further than all other methods. It's fully aimed at the optimal functioning as a human being, our emotions, belief systems, motivations, and actions. PMA is based on the transformation of hidden sabotaging and inhibiting belief systems into positive, inspiring mental power. It's an easy-to-learn technique to locate your personal subconscious sabotaging programs and transform them into sources of motivating energy.

How does PMA attribute to higher performances, better cooperation, and a higher net profit for your business? Find out by reading Mind-Blowing Management.

Mind-Blowing Management describes in detail how the PMA-based Management Support Plan can be implemented in your company. It is a solution-directed program with durable results that covers all areas of interpersonal communication.