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Author: Jacob Korthuis
Version:With Illustration
Size:24x228x152 mm
Weight:657 gram
Publication:2013 July
ISBN AEN13: 978-0-9786598-2-0

E-boek $17.50 – Paperback $27.50



Desirable Power explains the Progressive Mental Alignment ® (PMA) technique as a self-help method, as well as an important tool for professional coaches and counselors. Desirable Power is the most enlightening and inspiring book ever written about how to find and control the hidden drives behind our belief systems, decisions, and behavior.

PMA connects scientific facts in psychology, neuroscience, physiology, quantum physics, and biology. This led to the discovery of a new phenomenon called: 'bad clusters'.  So far, PMA is the only existing technique that has the profound knowledge of bad clusters and their power over us. We all have bad clusters. These wrongly stored experiences carry a very powerful and negative physiological load that dictates at least 75% of our negative belief systems, decisions, and sabotaging behavioral patterns.

PMA is a scientifically underscored technique that locates and eliminates the destructive power of bad clusters and changes negative behavior into a proactive, energetic, and healthy existence by freeing large amounts of concealed energy. The PMA technique is not a medical approach, conditioning, or repetition; instead, it provides a lasting solution based on new scientific findings and common sense.

“Desirable Power is the book that changed my life. And now The Unified Brain Model helps me understand even better how the brain works. I read (parts of) both books over and over again and every time I get to know more about myself. They’re like manuals that you don’t want to miss as you live and develop yourself.”
- Gera Horstede, The Netherlands

This book explains how the question technique can help you to get to the core of where a certain feelings comes from. Basically you can help yourself with this book better than a session with a psychologist. It’s really interesting I highly recommend it!  
- Brice Hendriks, Amsterdam, The Netherlands