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Jacob Korthuis


Jacob Korthuis, Dutch researcher, scientist and holistic physician. Jacob is the founder of The Unified Brain Model and the driving force behind Progressive Mental Alignment

Ingrid Schabbing

Ingrid Schabbing

Ingrid Schabbing, Director of Coaching and PMA Master Coach at the PMA Institute in the USA. Ingrid is an ardent optimist, passionate about helping other people and improving the quality of health and life happiness

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Progressive Mental Alignment achieves impressive, lasting results. When you participate in a PMA session you experience first-hand just how powerful and far-reaching the method is and this will help you understand the theory better. You will notice the positive effects of PMA immediately. Change occurs right away where improvement is needed most, your true potential emerges more and more emphatically. Watch the videos to see and hear exactly how PMA works. Joop Korthuis, founder of Progressive Mental Alignment, is eager to help you experience the power of his method.