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What makes Progressive Mental Alignment so different?


What makes Progressive Mental Alignment® so different?
Progressive Mental Alignment is a new, incomparable addition to all training and counseling techniques! The Progressive Mental Alignment method is the only existing method that is capable of detecting recently discovered sabotaging programs located in our subconscious brain. Although we are not consciously aware of the presence and content of these programs, we all frequently feel their sabotaging effect on our personal growth, health and success. Progressive Mental Alignment is the missing link that empowers existing training and counseling techniques to create long lasting results.

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We all need guidance and training.
From the day we are born, we need education and training to function in life. The older we get, the tougher it becomes to change old habits and unwanted behaviors. In many cases, we realize that our rigid habits and behaviors do not serve us. They actually sabotage our effectiveness, relationships, success and health. That is why we look for guidance or training to change and improve our life. Some need to improve their relationship skills, some need a better health and others want to advance their professional skills or attend several trainings and seminars to become more successful in their work.


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Great counseling does not equal great results.
There are a large amount of trainings, coaching techniques, therapies and counseling methods on the market. They all promise great results for their one-on-one sessions, workshops, schools, trainings, seminars, retreats, etc. Some of the methods are mediocre, some are good and some are excellent and even unique. Nevertheless, the presenters of even the best and most powerful techniques admit that the end-users often do not apply most of their guidance and tools. Realistic trainers and coaches calculate the effectiveness of their training and counseling to be between 15% and 25%. What is the problem with the other 75% to 85% of their counseling and training? In most cases, there is technically nothing wrong with the other 75% to 85% that they deliver. On the contrary! In most cases, people totally agree with most parts of the counseling and training. If they agree, then why do they not apply it?

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Unable to exercise excellent advice
We all know that change is difficult for most people. If this change would create results worst as before, then we all understand the logic of that resistance. However, in guidance, counseling and training, that is usually not the case. Most people understand the great value of the good advice and tools that are presented to them. Rationally, there is no doubt in their mind that the received advise is the way to go; this is how to do the job! Yet, they go home, and within a couple of days or weeks, they return to their old habits and behavior patterns. They feel an irrational resistance, without knowing why or where it comes from, to apply the good advice and tools they received.

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Subconscious sabotage mechanisms
Recent neurophysiological discoveries have revealed the root cause of these improvement blockers. These improvement blockers, called “bad clusters,” are deeply hidden sabotaging programs in our subconscious brain. Bad clusters have a severe negative influence on at least 75% of our thinking processes, beliefs, decisions, actions and behaviors—and even on our health. Bad clusters are the root cause of that illogical inner resistance against change and improvement. Progressive Mental Alignment ? The mediator between great counseling and optimal results

Even if you have the best education and skills, deliver excellent training, use great tools or receive exceptional counseling, none of these will ever surpass the power of the subconscious roadblocks caused by the neurophysiological influence of bad clusters. Progressive Mental Alignment consists of an advanced technique of questioning that enables you to locate these bad clusters and will permanently transform their negative power into healthy, proactive energy. This process will permanently remove the illogical inner resistance against change. Progressive Mental Alignment works with tailor-made scans that allow us to address any particular roadblock or resistance that exists with any type of training, coaching or counseling.

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Delivery ? Tools ? Resistance ? Solution
Many trainers, counselors, coaches and therapists promise desirable and great solutions. People feel drawn to those solutions, and they strongly desire the results that the training or counseling promises them. Then, the unwanted and illogical inner resistance begins. Bad clusters are the barricades that undermine the desired results, regardless of how good the training or advice is. At this time, Progressive Mental Alignment is the only existing method that deals with bad clusters and has a complete program to find them and make them harmless. Progressive Mental Alignment is the catalyst, the bridge, between great training and great results. Progressive Mental Alignment does not change, or replace, anything in your existing techniques. Progressive Mental Alignment adds a whole new module to perfect the results of your present coaching, counseling and training methods. Progressive Mental Alignment enables Coaches and Trainers to deliver what they promise. In the country where we started our pilot (the Netherlands), Progressive Mental Alignment is increasingly applied in the business world, education, counseling, coaching, government organizations, treating autism, stress-related professions, relationship issues, etc.

  1. Progressive Mental Alignment is a new, incomparable addition to all training and counseling techniques!
  2. Great counseling or training does not equal great results.
  3. Progressive Mental Alignment is the mediator, the catalyst, between great counseling or training content and actual executed, permanent change.
  4. Progressive Mental Alignment does not change, or replace, anything in your existing techniques.
  5. Progressive Mental Alignment adds a whole new module to perfect the results of your present coaching, counseling and training methods.

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The exceptional power of our subconscious mind
It is meaningless to compare Progressive Mental Alignment with other techniques. Progressive Mental Alignment is a totally new technique. It approaches the core of our functioning based on the new science. Progressive Mental Alignment approaches the power and programs of your subconscious brain fundamentally differently than any other conventional method. The possibilities with Progressive Mental Alignment are so wide-ranging and versatile that you cannot describe it in a few lines. The Progressive Mental Alignment technique is based on the basic 'language rules' of our subconscious. Our subconscious mind is the foundation of everything we think and feel, and it controls all our beliefs, decisions, actions, and behavior. In addition, the subconscious drives our entire physiology, which determines our existence and the level of our health.

Because the Progressive Mental Alignment technique works with the basic operating-system of the subconscious mind, its effects apply to literally every area of your life. A comparative study of neuroscience, physiology, biology, psychology, and quantum physics helped the developer of the Progressive Mental Alignment method, Jacob Korthuis, to discover a new phenomenon that he called 'bad clusters.' These bad clusters sneaked their way into our subconscious in an improper way. They don’t belong there, and they don’t serve us at all! They cause the majority of all our health problems and sabotaging behavior patterns, without us even being aware of their existence. The Progressive Mental Alignment technique is developed to trace and transform the enormous power of these sabotaging bad clusters into positive, healing and inspiring energy. The following example gives you some insight about the activity of bad clusters.

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Are your feelings real?
Have you ever had a nightmare? How did that feel? Did you wake up frightened and sweaty with an extreme heart rate? Were these feelings real or just an imagination? We all know from experience that these feelings are very real and that it often takes a few minutes to unwind and return to a calm state that enables us to resume sleep. However, if you look at the content of a nightmare, would you say that the images and overall content is realistic? Is the content something that literally happened during your daily life? The answer is clear. But if the pictures of your nightmare are not realistic, not true, how is it possible that you wake up with such powerful unpleasant physical feelings?

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Emotions are the result of codes
Even if we are unable to remember the total content of a nightmare, the entire contents will be stored in our subconscious. Our subconscious connects the images of the nightmare always with the emotions we felt at that moment. However, bad clusters are not created by nightmares but by wrongly stored and incompletely coded traumatic events in our life. On the other hand, bits and pieces of activated bad clusters do cause nightmares. The subconscious operating system stores our emotions as physiological codes.

You can imagine these codes as colors. The more vague the color, the lighter the emotion. The pleasant pastel colors are stored as positive emotions, and the bright harsh colors represent the negative feelings. Imagine the scariest emotion as an intense red color. If an event gets so scary that we panic, then the color of the code becomes so intensely red that it creates a short circuit in our subconscious. The bad part of that is that we are unable to remember this event or any of its details. However, each individual piece of data in such an event is stored in connection with that same intense red code. We call such wrongly stored data connected to that intense color red a bad cluster.

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No suppressed or repressed memory
Psychology includes a lot of discussions about so-called suppressed or repressed memories. A bad cluster is not a suppressed or repressed memory! The phrase “suppressed memory” already indicates that at some moment in time these images were conscious memories. A bad cluster never was a conscious memory and can, therefore, never deliberately be suppressed. A bad cluster is wrongly stored from the start with incorrect codes, and without the specific approach of the Progressive Mental Alignment technique you cannot spontaneously recall their content. Or in other words, bad clusters never reached the conscious before, and therefore can never be suppressed by the conscious brain.

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You can feel memories
When you remember a very moving event, do you feel that moving emotion come up again, especially if you do not just remember it but relive that moment in your mind? The only thing you are doing at such a moment is recalling mental images from your subconscious database, but instantly you feel the same emotions that you connected in the past to those images. The same can also be experienced with a very amusing memory. Unfortunately, this works the same way with unpleasant mental images. You can also experience angry, sad, or anxious feelings after you activate negative subconscious memories. All your personal memories are used subconsciously as comparison material, including their attached emotions.

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Wrongly stored memories
As long as your subconscious would only use these memories that are coded and stored correctly, it would not cause any problems. By comparing and connecting our latest research results with new insights within various scientific disciplines, it became clear that whenever we experience feelings of extreme panic, a short-circuiting occurs in the subconscious processing of data. The data of these scary moments will be wrongly stored with that intense red code. Because of this intense red code, we are unable to consciously remember the details of such a wrongly stored event, but the data can be activated, and then we feel very clearly the negative impact in our body.

Because of our inexperience as a young child, these “code red” events occur regularly in our childhood, and sometimes even as an adult. The huge problem with this is that all this wrongly coded data is stored in exactly the same subconscious brain cells as all the other, correctly coded memories that you can easily remember. If we talk about "data," then we refer to very basic details such as a color, smell, taste, shape, word, movement, facial expression, and many other plain data. All pieces of data in a bad cluster have the same frustrating intense red code. Why is that frustrating?

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Subconscious sabotage programs
This becomes frustrating because of the way the subconscious mind works and processes data. Did you know that the subconscious mind processes more than one million times more data than you ever consciously become aware of? Without the use of such a wealth of reference material, we would not possess consciousness. We would not know where we are, who we are, and what we do. Unfortunately, in that huge comparison process bad clusters, with their intense red code, become active as well and start to play a very important role. Once such bad cluster data is activated in your subconscious, their connected intense physiological red code will be carried out. The more of this “code red” data gets active, the more negative and frustrating feelings you will experience in your body. Although you experience strong negative feelings of the activated bad cluster data, you have no recollection of the content of the bad cluster event what so ever. Now these feelings start their sabotaging effect on how you think, assess, and decide and how you behave. If bad clusters are activated for a long time, than they can even cause minor as well as very serious health problems.

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Discover your true power with Progressive Mental Alignment
A two-hour coaching session your Progressive Mental Alignment Coach helps you to become aware of the content of your bad clusters and free their data forever from their sabotaging red code. Their negative effect is transformed into positive, healthy and inspiring energy. How? The very specific question technique of the Progressive Mental Alignment method will make the content of bad clusters visible to your consciousness mind.

What do you have to do after that? That's the beauty of Progressive Mental Alignment, then you have to do nothing. After you become aware of the images and details of the content of the bad cluster, you are done. The content of that specific bad cluster is gone forever, and the “code red” bad cluster becomes a correctly coded ordinary cluster without any sabotaging feelings attached to it. This is one of the many advantages of the fact that the subconscious processes more than a million times faster as the conscious brain. This makes it possible to make all the required healthy connections in just a matter of seconds. The effect of this you instantly feel in your body. You will experience a sense of inner peace and your energy will increase after that. All of this results in better health and better feelings that inspire you to better decisions and a more successful behavior.

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You have to experience it
Gradually, you become aware of your true potential. Progressive Mental Alignment will provide you with surprising new insights about yourself and others. The benefits of Progressive Mental Alignment for yourself and others in your surroundings are enormous, but as mentioned earlier, to understand the true power of Progressive Mental Alignment, you have to experience it in a personal session. From the first moment on you will be rewarded with positive results in the areas in which you want to make improvements, regardless of whether this is about your health, relationships, or business achievements and performances.

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The program Public Safety Task of the Dutch Government; Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations has awarded a grant for providing training to teachers and staff for preventing aggression and violence against the staff in secondary educationThe aim was to provide training and coaching to 90 teachers in secondary education.

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