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Progressive Mental Alignment

The Methodology:

 The most important discovery from the Unified Brain Model is called Progressive Mental Alignment. 
Progressive Mental Alignment strictly follows the rules of the Unified Brain Model to achieve remarkable results. 

Progressive Mental Alignment

Concentrated and quick, the Progressive Mental Alignment Method targets the subconscious source of health problems and sabotaging beliefs, removing them permanently from their negative physiological load.

This physiological load causes:

  1. Negative beliefs that do not serve you
  2. Self-sabotaging actions and behavior
  3. Psychosomatic health problems 

The Progressive Mental Alignment method disconnects the negatively processed data from its power and assigned value. The result is:

  1. Freedom
  2. Harmony
  3. Health
  4. Good relationships
  5. Success

Progressive Mental Alignment impacts every single aspect of your life. It’s not a motivational technique that offers temporary bouts of extra energy and joy.

Progressive Mental Alignment represents permanent change and infinite growth that significantly strengthens your lifelong journey towards achieving your dreams. 

What makes Progressive Mental Alignment so different?

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The program Public Safety Task of the Dutch Government; Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations has awarded a grant for providing training to teachers and staff for preventing aggression and violence against the staff in secondary educationThe aim was to provide training and coaching to 90 teachers in secondary education.

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The Unified Brain Model

The PMA Mini-Workshop:

Instantly feel your life's potential and mind-body connection to a dramatic new level in just two hours with the #1 Dutch expert on the brain and human behavior, Jacob Korthuis.

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The Advance Training and PMA Certification Course (2x4 days):

Progressive Mental Alignment Training and Certification Course

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