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Progressive Mental Alignment Coaches

On this page you will find a list of Progressive Mental Alignment Coaches in the United States of America.

The list is geographically designed to help you find a coach in your region. Click on the desired area for more information. 

The PMA Coaches listed on this page participate in the coach training provided by the PMA Institute but work autonomously and independently of the PMA organizations. The PMA organizations are therefore not responsible for the work and services provided by these coaches.


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Gretha Gelink ( Coaching By Skype)
, Kissimmee- Solivita,
Ingrid Schabbing (Master Coach) Director of Coaching at the PMA
Institute Inc., (Coaching By Skype)
Lacey Satterfield 3025 Greystone Loop #203
FL 34741, Orlando
Bridget C Murdock (Coaching by Skype) Skype Name:
elite-bridget;, Poinciana FL
Zhana Medyarova Orlando, Florida
32817, United States of America
Michelle Lugo (Habla Español) Skype address: MichelleBLugo
Coaching by Skype, Longwood
Jack Mackaay Coaching by Skype
, United states
Gera Horstede (Coaching by Skype)
, United States
Agnita Bok Coaching by Skype
, United States


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The Unified Brain Model

The PMA Mini-Workshop:

Instantly feel your life's potential and mind-body connection to a dramatic new level in just two hours with the #1 Dutch expert on the brain and human behavior, Jacob Korthuis.

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The Advance Training and PMA Certification Course (2x4 days):

Progressive Mental Alignment Training and Certification Course

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Tools that Accelerate Coaching


Home Study Kit

The home study kit is an awesome tool for those interested in self-improvement on a more intimate and private level.It’s only intended to used for an hour a day (but you can do more if you like!), and is an ideal solution for those who like to progress on their own time, and at their own pace.


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Desirable Power

See how the Unified Brain Model reveals the true source of emotional and physical problems and outlines the pathway to permanent healing for ultimate control of your life.

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Obtain incredible insights about the powerful role of the subconscious and the revolutionary tools for permanent transformation discovered by Progressive Mental Alignment Founder Jacob Korthuis. Open the door to the miracle of your life today.

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