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The Unified Brain Model

The subconscious determines who we are. It controls our thoughts, beliefs, decisions, actions, behavior, health- everything. Our subconscious drives our entire physiology and ultimately our happiness and health.

The Unified Brain Model  

This makes Progressive Mental Alignment Unique

The Progressive Mental Alignment Model

Progressive Mental Alignment® stands apart from all known self-help methods because it is supported by the most recent neurophysiological discoveries about the inner workings of the subconscious mind.
Progressive Mental Alignment is a result of combining all existing scientific facts about the brain in
"The Unified Brain Model".


The Discovery of the Codes

The Unified Brain Model reveals that everything you see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel is encrypted and stored. Each of these senses is then processed with various codes.

The main three are:

  1. Cohesion Code
  2. The Absolute Value Code
  3. The Relative Value Code

Cohesion Code

This code determines which combination of brain cells form one experience. Based on: "What fires together, wires together". 

The Absolute Value Code

This code determines the identity of each piece of incoming sensory data by tying it to previously stored data that is similar. 

The Relative Value Code

This code registers the series of physiological commands, released by the brain in our body at the time of sensory perception. This code determines what data means to us.

All incoming sensory data is processed with these codes and used as comparison material with which we analyze every moment. These codes are always connected to each other. Without them, consciousness simply would not exist.


The Consequence of a Neurophysiological Short Circuit

In certain exceptional situations there occurs a kind of "short circuiting" of the coding system. The sensory data stored during a short circuit is wrong processed and has a profound impact on our being, determining at least 75% of our beliefs, actions, behavior and health.


The Discovery of the Language Rules of the Brain:

Our brain follows fixed rules in the processing of new and existing sensory data. The most fundamental rules, in order of importance, are:The Unified Brain Model

  1. Stimulus Response
  2. The degree of similarity
  3. Away from pain
  4. Selection based on highest emotional value


The Discovery of the Friend Mechanism

This genetic mechanism works to steer us away from our most powerful emotional pain whenever the subconscious language rules allow it. The mechanism is a central element in determining our thinking, our beliefs, actions, behavior and health.


"The First Unified Brain Model" – The Quantum Leap

All known and undisputed scientific facts united, in one harmonious model reveals:

  1. How our thought processes are controlled
  2. How our emotions are shaped
  3. How our beliefs form
  4. What our actions and behaviors dictate
  5. How psychosomatic health arises

This powerful insight has led to cutting edge technology able to improve our actions, behaviors and health in dramatic and permanent ways.

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The Unified Brain Model

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