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The Unified Brain Model

The Unified Brain Model combines familiar and recognized neuroscientific facts and discoveries and merges all this fragmented wisdom into a single, all-encompassing knowledge system. The model provides insight into how thoughts are formed, where emotions come from and how beliefs develop and can become stuck. The source of psychosomatic conditions and sabotaging thought patterns can be found deep in the subconscious. The mind drives feelings and behavior, so we are entirely dependent on our brain for happiness and health. This insight became the foundation of a unique method, a powerful question-based technique with which we can manifestly and permanently influence our thinking and behavior.

Unprecedented positive energy

Everything you perceive and experience is stored in your brain. Each piece of incoming data is given its own code and is constantly analyzed. All these codes are interconnected and together they constitute consciousness. Sometimes new data is not processed properly. An intense experience can jam the coding system, causing data to be stored incorrectly. Progressive Mental Alignment is designed to remedy mental malfunctions and to transform negatively charged information into unprecedented positive energy. By asking the right questions, PMA enables you to uncover the causes of unexplained physical conditions and debilitating behavior and to combat the problem at its source.

No relaps, guaranteed the best treatment outcome

Progressive Mental Alignment is an asset for every practice. As a trainer or coach, the question-based technique offers you for the first time ever a tool that enables you to genuinely help people. Whatever the objective of the treatment, using PMA you can promise manifest and lasting results.

Information stored incorrectly in the brain has a sabotaging effect on your being. PMA is still the only method that can detect the cause of mental blockages in the subconscious and transform them into positive, healthy and inspirational energy. PMA is not a motivational technique that offers temporary relief, but a solution offering lasting change and infinite growth. A powerful question-based technique with which both clients and treatment providers can accomplish their objectives and prevent relapse.

Discover PMA in Practice

Progressive Mental Alignment is an amazing tool offering incredible possibilities for trainers, counselors, coaches and therapists. PMA helps you get people back on track and assist them in improving their lives evidently and permanently. Whatever your objectives – improved health, more stable relationships and emotions, professional development or lasting self-development – PMA offers you the solution.

Discover it yourself. Read Desirable Power, attend one of our lectures to be updated, experience the power of PMA at a workshop, or learn in eight days how to effectively implement the question-based technique in your own practice.