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Understand the brain and discover how to successfully treat unexplained conditions and prevent relapse.

Use Progressive Mental Alignment to achieve faster results and improve your professional skills.

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Progressive Mental Alignment enables you to eliminate problems permanently. By identifying obstacles in the brain you can permanently remove the causes of unexplained conditions. PMA is a powerful tool for treating psychological and physical ailments and delivers the best results. Quickly and without any relapse.

Everyone should have the opportunity to develop their full potential. In essence, this is the guiding principle of the Progressive Mental Alignment Institute. The research we do gives us increasing insight into how the subconscious works. And by sharing these insights, we help people radically improve their lives. PMA is a unique question-based technique that enables you to activate the inner power in yourself and in others. And the great thing is, anyone can learn to use it. If you want to change the way you work, PMA offers you unlimited prospects.

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jacob-korthuis "People have the right to know and the right and freedom to make their own well-informed choices and decisions."

– Joop Korthuis –

Benefits of PMA

Easy to implement
Quick and enduring results
Positive health benefits
Lasting improvements
Knowledge that stays with you for good

Physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, trainers, coaches and therapists – more and more professionals are discovering the power of PMA. Increasingly, they are using the method to improve their personal and professional skills. Want to know which course best suits your objectives? We will be happy to advise you.

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A Selection of our Tools

Home Study Kit

The home study kit is an awesome tool for those interested in self-improvement on a more intimate and private level.It’s only intended to used for an hour a day (but you can do more if you like!)

Unified Brain Model book

THE MIND MATTERS: The First "Unified Brain Model" Discover how to take control of your health, happiness and personal growth All known and undisputed scientific facts...

Free PMA Master-class

An expert tells her story. Are you a coach, a doctor, referrer or other professional? Do you want to know what PMA can do for your practice?